SanFran '09

*I have a thing for guys in uniform 
(specifically one guy in uniform)

*My son's favorite phrase is "Oh, pizza!"

*I don't do much cooking...

*I've been on The Tyra Banks Show and you haven't

(or maybe you have..i dunno)

*Never met a gin fizz I didn't like

*I like the song California Gurls by Katy Perry and I'm not ashamed to admit it

(well maybe a little)
*I don't know a soul in New England. Anyone wanna be crab buddies?

*WAIT...no, I mean...ugh, I'm awkward...

*I once got a tatto to impress a guy and he asked me to marry him 

(works everytime, ladies)

*I worked in the Mickey Mouse wardrobe department of Disneyland for a whole day

*Like I said...I have a thing for guys in uniform ;)